Overview of Hong Kong Common Pests and Diseases

1. Pests and Diseases for Cruciferae (Flowering white cabbage, Chinese kale, Mustard, Kale, etc.)

1.1 Common Pests

1.1.1 Phyllotreta Striolata (Leaf Beetle / Striped Flea Beetle)

1.1.2 Pieris Canidia (Indian Cabbage White)

1.2 Common Disease

1.2.1 Soft Rot


2. Pests and Diseases for Chenopodiaceae (Beetroot, Swiss chard, Spinach, etc.)

2.1 Common Pests 

2.1.1 Aphid

2.1.2 Liriomyza Sativae (Leaf Miner)

2.2 Common Diseases

2.2.1 Downy Mildew

2.2.2 Anthracnose


3. Pests and Diseases for Convolvulaceae (Water spinach, Sweet potato, etc.)

3.1 Common Pests

3.1.1 Taiwania Circumdata

3.1.2 Spodoptera Litura (Oriental Leafworm)

3.2 Common Diseases

3.2.1 White Blister

3.2.2 Corynespora Blight (Target Leaf Spot)


4. Pests and Diseases for Amaranthaceae (Amaranth, Acute-leaf amaranth, Red amaranth, etc.)

4.1 Common Pest

4.1.1 Spodoptera Litura (Oriental Leafworm)

4.2 Common Disease

4.2.1 White Blister


5. Pests and Diseases for Umbelliferae (Fennel, Chinese celery, Coriander, Carrot, etc.)

5.1 Common Pests

5.1.1 Aphid

5.1.2 Papilio Machaon (Old World Swallowtail)

5.2 Common Diseases

5.2.1 Septoria Leaf Spot (Septoria Blight)

5.2.2 White Mold (Sclerotinia Rot)


6. Pests and Diseases for Compositae (Lettuce, Chrysanthemum, etc.)

6.1 Common Pests

6.1.1 Spodoptera Exigua (Beet Armyworm)

6.1.2 Birds

6.2 Common Diseases

6.2.1 White Mold (Sclerotinia Rot)

6.2.2 Corynespora Blight (Target Leaf Spot)


7. Pests and Diseases for Cucurbitaceae (Cucumber, Hairly melon, Wax gourd, Angled loofah, Winter squashes, Bitter cucumber, etc.)

7.1 Common Pests

7.1.1 Bactrocera Cucurbitae (Coquillett / Melon fly)

7.1.2 Diaphania Indica (Cotton Caterpillar / Cucumber Moth)

7.2 Common Diseases

7.2.1 Downy Mildew

7.2.2 Powdery Mildew


8. Pests and Diseases for Leguminosae (White string bean, Green string bean, Garden pea, Peanut, etc.)

8.1 Common Pests

8.1.1 Aphid

8.1.2 Liriomyza Sativae (Leaf Miner)

8.2 Common Diseases

8.2.1  Rust


9. Pests and Diseases for Gramineae (Sweet corn, Rice, etc.)

9.1 Common Pests

9.1.1 Ostrinia Furnacalis (Asian Corn Borer)

9.1.2 Nezara Viridula (Green Shield Bug)

9.2 Common Diseases

9.2.1 Corn Leaf Blight (Northern Corn Leaf Blight / Southern Corn Leaf Blight)


10. Pests and Diseases for Alliaceae (Welsh onion, Onion, Garlic, Chinese chive, etc.)

10.1 Common Pests

10.1.1 Liriomyza Sativae (Leaf Miner)

10.1.2 Thrips Palmi (Melon Thrips)

10.2 Common Diseases

10.2.1 Purple Blotch

10.2.2 Rust


11. Pests and Diseases for Labiatae (Mint, Basil, Perilla, Rosemary, Motherwort, etc.)

11.1 Common Pest

11.1.1 Pyrausta Phoenicealis (Perilla Leaf Moth)

11.2 Common Diseases

11.2.1 Rust

11.2.2 Corynespora Blight (Target Leaf Spot)



Source: Common pests and diseases in vegetable crops and their control